Let’s talk Diversity & Inclusion...with Jackie O’Connor and Kim Hutton

Welcome to our regular video series, where we reveal insights and advice from industry leaders who are setting the standard when it comes to Diversity and Inclusion.

In episode 1, we’re joined by Jackie O’Connor, CEO of Goldman Sachs Asset Management Fund Service and Kim Hutton, Founding Director of Human Connections Ltd.

Jackie had an unconventional route into financial services, starting her career in zoology and fisheries biology before moving to Goldman Sachs in 1990, where she’s worked in a variety of roles. Most recently, she’s been been building a team of 22 in the Dublin office of the firm’s Irish fund management company.

Kim is an ergonomist and chartered physiotherapist with a 35-year background in healthcare and management. Her consultancy works with organisations across the charity and public sectors on ‘empathetic modelling’, with workshops that help teams walk in the shoes of others to better understand the needs of a diverse workforce.

In today’s video, Jackie and Kim talk about their diverse backgrounds, what D&I really means to them and the different ways their companies are changing perspectives and breaking barriers – including changing the culture from the top and improving emotional IQ.

If you’re looking to create a workforce where everyone feels like they belong, this one’s for you. Just press play below: