Free Webinar: How You Can Pivot Your TPRM Program

How You Can Pivot Your TPRM Program

In this webinar, we examined the common challenges faced by Financial Services firms when managing and redesigning their TPRM frameworks, explored the pitfalls during implementation, and discussed what the future may hold for TPRM - including how you as a risk owner can pivot your organisational culture from risk management to value creation.

Matthew Penney, Partner at Albany Beck, was joined by an expert panel to discuss the impact of these regulations on firms like yours, and what the future holds for TPRM. By watching this on-demand session, you’ll gain:

  • A view of how other Financial Services organisation are navigating the complex regulatory environment
  • First-hand insights into how other banks are approaching their framework redesign, remediation work and overall best practice for managing third parties
  • And some practical ideas on how to create value for your business through some small but important changes to your TPRM program

In this interactive session guests also asked questions about their specific TPRM problems and got out panel's take on their individual challenges.

If you’re ready to transform your approach to TPRM and create value for your organisation, follow the link below to watch now.

How You Can Pivot Your TPRM Program