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Financial Reporting Consultant

  • Accurate and timely peer review of Financial Statements for investment funds assigned (including Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Changes in Net Assets, Investment Statement, Cash Flow Statements and relevant Note Disclosures, including pertinent ratios)
  • Extract and interpret information from financial records of funds
  • Ensure adherence to reporting guidelines as they relate to security types, derivative instruments, income accruals, foreign exchange, capital stock, expense accrual, and income and capital gains distributions
  • Work with peers in our Malaysia and Luxembourg offices to deliver the financial statements accurately and per agreed deadline
  • Work with external auditors, consultants and client to deliver the financial statements accurately and per agreed deadline
  • Liaise with valuations, Depositary, record keeper and other teams to obtain information
  • Create Financial Statement templates for new clients in accordance with the disclosure requirements and rules
  • Implement effective controls and processes in order to maintain accurate records, and identify and mitigate business risk
  • Effectively apply and administer changes to regulations and legislation to service deliverables
  • Maintain up to date knowledge on changes made to GAAP and IFRS as it relates to the financial and tax reporting for mutual, hedge and pool funds.