Credit Risk


"Credit risk focuses on the development of BTS, Guidelines and Reports regarding the calculation of capital requirements under the Standardised Approach and IRB Approach for credit risk and dilution risk in respect of all the business activities of an institution, excluding the trading book business. The objective is to provide a consistent implementation across the EU of the provisions related to topics such as credit risk adjustments, definition of default, permission to use Standardised/IRB approach, appropriateness of risk weights or credit risk mitigation techniques" - EBA European Banking Authority

Credit Risk is a diverse and incredibly important area of focus for many businesses both inside and outside of FInancial Services.  For this reason we have made it a clear focus of our attention in regards to servicing the needs of both our Clients and Candidates.  Please take a look over the below in order to gian an idea of the areas we are currently servicing.  

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  • Quantitative Credit Risk (Counterparty (PFE/CVA/EPE)

  • Wholesale to Retail IRB & Economic Capital Modelling (PD/LDG/EAD)

  • Credit Approval and Credit Analysis

  • Credit Analytics 

  • Credit Risk Reporting

  • Banking / Financial Institution Risk

  • NBFI (Non Banking Financial Institution) Risk