IPV, Models & Methodology


"External regulatory bodies and internal management are driving greater transparency in every capital market organization’s approach to valuing the assets and liabilities on its balance sheet. For example, the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for accounting have placed tougher requirements on how complex derivatives are valued while EMIR, Solvency II, and Dodd-Frank provisions are all putting transparency at the heart of the valuation process. As such, independent price verification is now firmly in the spotlight.

Independent price verification (IPV) is the process of comparing internal prices and parameters used to mark positions to obtain position valuations to a corresponding set of independently verifiable external prices and parameters. It requires capital market organizations to access multiple evaluated price feeds from various external sources in order to analyze, compare and determine their own price. Price validation is also needed to ensure that any prices arriving through a data vendor, broker, or evaluated pricing supplier are reasonable and complete. IPV substantiates the valuation of trading assets and liabilities on the balance sheet." - Golden Source

More than ever before, robust IPV is essential. It has never been more important for companies within the Banking and Financial Services sector to make certain that their IPV employees are of the highest possible calibre.  

Here at Albany Beck we aim to support all those with a specific IPV, Models & Methodology recruitment need as well as those who are looking to build, expand or start their career in this space.  We understand the importance of finding the top percentile of talent and believe we have the network, guile and skill to continually deliver.

Outlined below is the key areas we recruit:

  • IPV for all asset classes
  • Model Review
  • Methodology Review
  • Valuations Controller
  • IPV Controller
  • Valuation Methodology and Governance
  • Prudential Valuations