Quantitative Finance


"Quantitative Finance, also known as Mathematical Finance, is a complex field of applied mathematics that is primarily concerned with the financial markets. Quantitative finance possesses a close relationship with financial economics, which is in essence, the underlying theory of Quantitative Finance.

In most forms, Quantitative Finance will derive and subsequently extend the numerical or mathematical model that is originally suggested by a financial economic theory." -

Quantitative Analysis has been at the vanguard of the technological revolution over the past decade, helping to bring into effect a total reliance on computer-fuelled trading. Demand for highly skilled quantitative analysts has increased across the Banking and Financial Services sector, particularly for high-frequency trading firms and within the securities sector. Even many conventional asset managers, however, have sought to improve execution and expand their portfolios. Therefore, in order to ensure they remain ahead of their competitors, firms must make sure that they are employing the most highly skilled staff, both at executive and Quantitative Analyst level.

We specialise in delivering:

  • Quantitative Analysts and Researchers
  • Quantitative Developers
  • Market Risk Quantitative Analysts
  • Credit Risk Quantitative Analysts
  • Quantitative Risk Analytics
  • Front Office Quantitative Analytics
  • Model Developers
  • Quantitative Finance Management
  • Model Validation
  • Pricing Analysts