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F45 Classes

One of the benefits offered by Albany Beck Ireland is the chance to attend one F45 class per week, at a time that is convenient for you based on the F45 schedule.

You can only book one class a week at no cost.

Classes are held at 101 Amiens St, close to Connolly Station.


What is F45? 

F45 offers a 45-minute functional movement class designed to enhance your overall well-being and boost your fitness level.

You can meet individuals who share similar interests in these classes as well as connect with other consultants at AB.

Whether you are young or old, and regardless of your fitness level, F45 is customized to suit your needs.

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Emma Stapleton

Engagement Manager & F45 Coach

Emma's dedication to her coaching role is evident in her approach to the classes. She ensures that each workout is challenging yet manageable for participants of all fitness levels. Emma also focuses on creating a fun and welcoming atmosphere in the class to motivate individuals to push themselves to their limits.