Terms and Conditions



1.         These terms and conditions apply to any company or business associated with Albany Beck Consulting Limited (“ABC”).

2.         Engagement or interview of any applicant introduced shall be deemed an acceptance of these terms and conditions, which are liable to revision without notice.

3.         Our fees become due and payable by the employer immediately a candidate introduced by ABC is engaged. Retainer, search and interim fees relating to retained assignments are payable immediately on presentation of invoice.

4.         Where applicable VAT will be charged at the prevailing rate.

5.         Advertising accounts are payable forthwith and cancellations will be accepted only if given in time to claim a full refund from the press. All related artwork and production charges are payable by the client.

6.         Out of pocket expenses incurred by candidates attending interviews on behalf of clients are payable by the client.

7.         Where an applicant has been submitted to a client company or is initially rejected by the client company or initially rejects that client company’s offer of employment and is subsequently employed by that company in any capacity up to and including twelve months after the initial introduction date, the client company shall be responsible for a full applicable fee resulting from such employment.

8.         Where an offer of employment has been made in writing by a client and is subsequently withdrawn by the client after acceptance by the candidate, through no fault of the candidate, the normal recruitment fee will be payable by the client.

9.         Applicants introduced by an employer to a third party, whether associated or otherwise, resulting in employment of the applicant will result in a full fee being payable by the employer to whom the applicant was originally introduced.

10.       Whilst no rebate is given, should the engagement of any applicant terminate within a period of thirteen weeks (including period of notice) from the date of engagement, we shall endeavour to seek a replacement at no extra cost to the client provided that:

(a) The dismissal is justified or the employee leaves of his/her own volition and not due to any redundancy measures     

(b) The invoice has been settled within seven days of the candidate commencing employment or twenty-one days of the invoice date whichever is the later

11.       Where an assignment is accepted by both parties on a retained basis and the client subsequently cancels, the retainer fee and interim fee together with any advertising and other agreed costs will become payable immediately. If, within three months from cancellation, the client requests ABC to commence the identical assignment a credit will be allowed against the initial retainer fee.

12.       When a client hires an additional candidate submitted within a shortlist on a retained assignment, the full contingency fee at the appropriate rate is payable.

13.       Whilst every effort is made to maintain a reliable and professional service no liability can be accepted by us or any of our employees for any negligence, dishonesty, misconduct or lack of skill.

14.       No warranty or representation express or implied is given in respect of any candidate introduced and no liability can be accepted by ourselves for any failure of the employee to perform or comply with his/her terms of employment of any loss, expense, damage or delay, however occasioned, arising from the introduction of the candidate to the company or his/her engagement by the employer.

15.( a ) ABC do not and are not obliged to ask candidates to supply personal or business references relating to their past employment or otherwise. If candidates supply references voluntarily ABC accept no responsibility for checking the validity of such references. 

( b ) Insofar as candidates provide details of their medical history, present state of health, previous terms and conditions of employment, names and addresses of previous employers, periods of employment, circumstances in which previous employments terminated, criminal convictions, personal details, ability to work in the UK, work permits, qualifications or education generally, ABC accept no responsibility for ensuring the details so provided are correct.           

( c ) No representations are expressly or impliedly made as to the suitability of a candidate for a particular position. The offer of employment to a candidate and the consequences thereof following the introduction of that candidate by ABC is entirely at the risk of the client.

           ( d ) In the event that any details or information supplied by a candidate or a third party on behalf of a candidate including, but without limitation to, past employers or personal referees, are found to be incorrect or misleading, ABC can accept no liability for any loss, damage or cost which may thereby be occasioned.

16.       Any variation to these terms and conditions must be confirmed in writing by a Director of ABC prior to commencement of the agreement.


Albany Beck Consulting Ltd charges fees based upon the anticipated gross annual remuneration

Contingency Fee/Database Assignments

Database search or contingency fees are payable on successful completion of the assignment.

Fee Structure

Salary Package up to £49,999

Salary Package £50k plus

Contingency Fee/Database

Total                  25%

Total            30%

Retained Assignments

Payment is split into two or three stages: the retainer fee is payable on acceptance of the assignment, the interim fee on presentation of shortlist or thirty days after acceptance of the assignment (whichever is sooner) and the completion fee adjusted for any salary changes, which is payable on successful completion of the assignment.

Fee Structure

Salary Package up to £49,999

Salary Package £50k plus

Retained Selection

Total                  25%

Total             30%

Retainer             10%

Retainer        10%

Interim                5%

Interim          10%

Completion        10%

Completion   10%

Retained Search

Total                  25%

Total            30%

Retainer            10%

Retainer       10%

Interim                5%

Interim         10%

Completion       10%

Completion  10%

Advertising and Expenses

All interview, travelling expenses and advertising costs will be charged to the client.