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Inclusive Leadership Workshop

Thursday | November 10th 2022 | 9.30 am to 12.30pm

The event has now been moved to online, due to the train strikes

Learn how to cultivate an inclusive working environment for your team and become an Effective Ally to those around you.


Neurodiversity, the newest frontier in D&I

This session is an opportunity for hiring managers, line managers, and all staff to deepen their understanding of neurodiversity and offer allyship to colleagues and candidates.

9.30 to 9.45 Introduction, Meet & Greet, Breakfast on arrival

  • A brief history of D&I
  • Ice Breaker: Cultural Awareness Exercise
  • 'I Am, But I'm Not' Exploring Identity And Stereotypes
  • Neurodiversity & intersectionality
  • Lifting the lid on the neurodiverse experience
  • Reflection

12.30 to 14.00 Lunch & Networking (Lunch will be provided) 



Workshop Lead By

Nathalie Hughes 15 years of experience in coaching and mentoring
Nathalie Hughes is an experienced mentor and coach, specialising in personal and systemic transformation through compassionate enquiry, workshop facilitation, education and thought leadership strategy.