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Let us show you a better way

Albany Beck recruit, train and deploy consultants for global financial institutions like yours. If you wish, you can then take over their employment after 18 months to cement the best consultants into your team and retain all the intellectual property that you’ve invested in them.

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How we can help you

We provide leading talent to help drive your business forward. 

Bring your ideas to life with the help of our smart and motivated local development teams.

Make sense of all the data within your business quickly and efficiently to enable better decision-making. 

Businesses run more smoothly with our trained and experienced industry operations experts in the engine room. 

Change doesn’t have to be disruptive. We help make it happen without turning your everyday operations upside down. 

Agile coaching
We train your leadership, business, operations and development teams to achieve the results you’re looking for. 


Our game changing model

To give you the flexibility you need, we offer Consultants at two different levels, Practitioners and Pioneers. You decide which level you need, as you build whole teams or just fill the odd gap.

Mix-and-match to design a solution with the level of expertise that works best for your business, and enjoy complete flexibility throughout the process.


Our Practioner Programme provides industry specialists with at least four years’ experience - so they can make an immediate impact in your team.


Our Pioneer Programme connects you with the market’s brightest emerging talent, including graduates, school leavers and career changers. 


What makes us different

Tailor-made solutions
We’ll develop a one-off solution for every business, including yours, with the opportunity to keep honing your strategy as we move forward together. 

Employ consultants free of charge
Saving cost and effort, you can choose to take over the full-time employment of the consultants embedded in your business after 18 months.

Quick team spin-up
By-pass the skills shortage and the normal complications of building a team with an accomplished service that’s always ready to deliver.

Industry experts
It takes the best teachers to bring out the best in all of us. Our training is delivered by industry experts who have run global teams in leading financial firms.


Long Term Relationships

The better we know your business, the easier it is for us to make a difference. We aim to foster long term relationships with all our clients to support better outcomes. diversity agendas and FTE strategies.

Consultant Expertise

Whatever support you need, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver, quickly and cost-effectively. Our consultants have extensive experience in financial services with subject matter expertise in their own particular fields.

One company, many backgrounds

Our vision is to develop the workforce of the future by hiring diverse teams of consultants.


are from ethnic backgrounds


of our consultants are female


did not attend university

Practicing what we preach

In 2020, Albany Bank hired and promoted two female Partners to the board. One of these comes from an Indigenous diaspora background, with more than 10 years’ expertise on structural racism, systematic barriers to entry and gender inequality.  

This has led to the Board implementing new processes challenging patriarchal and white heteronormative structures within corporate. 

In the same year, we signed the Rare Race Commitment, which is aimed at ensuring that not only do we hire more from ethnic minorities but that those individuals are just as likely to get promoted as their white counterparts.  

In addition, we have committed to ensuring that gender, neurodiversity, disability, faith diversity and LGBTQ+ representation is supported and represented across all areas of the business. This commitment applies to our internal employees as much as to the consultants we hire.  


Proof our model works

The statistics on our retention and employment rates speak for themselves.


Client retention rate


Full-time employment of Pioneer consultants after 18 months

Our Clients