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Client Success Stories

Here’s a selection of projects we’ve been involved in to give you an idea of the kind of change we could initiate in your organisation.


Streamlining Migration and Delivering Value for a Global Investment Bank

Key achievements 43% reduction in reporting inefficiencies. 100% success rate on planned migrations. Zero interruptions for clients on the new platform. Challenge This global investment bank was facing significant challenges in migrating clients to a new platform. The project was over budget, behind schedule, and impacting client relations. They needed to successfully migrate 200 Custodian clients with over 2,000 funds to the new platform with improved functionalities by the June 2021 deadline.

Integrating a Specialist KYC Team to Ensure Critical Regulatory Compliance

Key achievements Met regulatory requirements by effectively remediating 1,200 KYC cases. Avoided potential fines associated with non-compliance. Maintained high service standards for existing clients by ensuring uninterrupted service during the remediation process. Contributed to business growth by assisting with new client adoptions. Challenge This leading investment bank was facing mounting pressure to remediate a large number of at-risk KYC (Know Your Customer) files before a regulatory deadline.

Boosting a Top-Tier Investment Firm’s AML Compliance Team

Key achievements 100% success rate meeting all AML and KYC service targets. Developed future-proof policies and procedures, ensuring ongoing compliance. Strengthened key investor relationships, positioning the firm for continued growth. Enabled the client to capitalise on opportunities in the evolving AIF market. Challenge Our client wanted to make sure it maintained high AML standards for its complex AIFs domiciled in Luxembourg, while it underwent an organisational transformation. It also wanted to develop policies and procedures that would enable it to provide its know your customers (KYC) service effectively day-to-day and adapt to shifting demands in the future.

Completion of a Period Review Backlog for a Multinational Financial Institution

Key achievements Successful completion of the Periodic Review backlog by the May 2023 deadline. Deployed 27 consultants, 40% of whom transitioned to permanent staff. Extended team scope to include new KYC system implementation and 2023 review cycle. Challenge A multinational financial institution faced a growing backlog in their KYC Periodic Review (AML) due to stricter regulations and a local talent shortage. Their in-house teams in Dublin and Amsterdam lacked the capacity needed to meticulously review and enhance 1,300 client profiles within six months, to maintain compliance and integrate a new KYC software solution. They also needed to boost their team to deal with ongoing workloads and maintain high standards.

Rapidly scaling a KYC refresh programme for a multinational Fund Service business

Key achievements Successful migration of our client’s AML- KYC operations function to Dublin Placement of a 70-person team transitioning it into a permanent AML function Improving KYC completion rates by implementing a robust operational structure Challenge Our client, a multinational Fund Administrator and Fund Service business, needed to rapidly scale up its Anti-Money Laundering (AML) team to meet the demands of a KYC Remediation Program to uplift the investor accounts for a large asset manager and key Transfer Agency client. Due to regulatory changes KYC profile of circa 8200 accounts needed to be reviewed/ uplifted. They also wanted to develop a more effective team to handle business-as-usual AML tasks maintaining the highest standards in an ongoing manner.

Creating a large tech team for a Global Investment Bank

Key achievements 35 consultants recruited within six weeks New team onboarded using a bespoke training plan 48% of new recruits were female 34 of 35 consultants retained in this hyper-competitive market

Supporting development of an anti-financial crime AI detection platform

Key achievements Team of consultants organised within three weeks Bespoke training programme Engagement Manager ensured ongoing progress More projects now in the pipeline

Increasing diversity and talent for a Credit Risk IT Group

Key achievements 10 consultants onboarded in just six weeks Diverse talent readily available in the Pioneer Programme Bespoke training for final three weeks before deployment 100% retention after 18-months Challenge In 2022, the Credit Risk IT group within a Tier 1 Investment Bank committed to increase Black and gender representation within their workforce. The existing team was only 20% female, mainly from white Anglo-Saxon or European backgrounds and all their UK graduate intake had come from top Red Brick or Ivy League universities for the previous four years.

Prospering Continuous Collaboration with a Major European Financial Institution

Key achievements Six Pioneer consultants on-boarded initially Mentored by two senior Practitioners Now supporting six different areas across the institution 15+ consultants deployed since the initial engagement Challenge The client has been using several contractors to work with Capital Markets to help build an API to process data and display this information in a GUI. But contractors can be expensive and due to short notice periods and lack of affiliation can often leave with little or no notice. This means IP leaves the business exposing knowledge gaps and delaying important milestones and deliveries.