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Here, you’ll find an interesting assortment of news stories and opinion pieces from Albany Beck. The industry is evolving faster than ever right now and we can help you keep up with all the latest issues, challenges and opportunities, as well as giving you an insight into exciting future developments.
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Keeping Your Firm on the Right AML Regulatory Track

As the growth of the fintech sector accelerates regulatory scrutiny is intensifying, placing an extra burden on compliance teams that often lack the resources and expertise to keep pace.
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Albany Beck launches its solution to Change Management in Ireland’s financial services

Over the last five years, the London-based financial services consultancy company, Albany Beck, has established itself firmly within the Irish financial services market. In choosing Dublin as its European hub in 2018, it has guaranteed the successful expansion of the company and spearheaded transformations for their clients. In this article, Dublin-born Adam Kelly, Managing Partner for Albany Beck, and Ian Thomas, the Practice Head for the company’s Change Management & Data Migration programmes, announce Albany Beck’s imminent launch of Change Management Solutions in Ireland. They outline the fundamental factors that ensure their unlimited capacity to manage change effectively for their clients. Kelly recognises that providing effective Change Management Solutions within financial services is a vital part of ensuring the successful growth of a company, and that it involves complex and comprehensive migration and transformation programmes. With many years of specialist experience in directing the implementation of complex and strategic business and technology transformations and migrations across Europe and Asia, Thomas said: “It’s our tried and tested execution and delivery of change management on a global scale, with such good rigour and control, that’s Albany Beck’s unique selling point.” One example of this was the multi-year $145m programme to merge two large financial firms from a technology and process perspective. “This involved complex integrations of the chief operating officer functions and all IT aspects of the combined organisations.” Thomas adds that developing a comprehensive and thorough common governance framework to manage the day-to-day delivery of the programme has achieved £10m of benefits to date. This governance framework has been adopted across further projects as ‘best practice’.

Meet Faiza Qazi: Shaping our highly-skilled consultants as a recently promoted Technical Trainer

Meet Faiza Qazi, a rising star in our training team! Faiza recently earned a well-deserved promotion from Assistant Trainer to Technical Trainer at Albany Beck, after a fantastic year of delivery to our cohorts.
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International Women's Day Event 2024 - Hosted by Albany Beck

Inclusion and equality are core values we champion daily at Albany Beck.
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Dublin hub accelerates Albany Beck’s European growth - Finance Dublin

This article appeared in Finance Dublin's August 2023 edition. Albany Beck’s Adam Kelly & Celia Johnson profile the financial services consultancy’s growth in the Irish market having established a presence in 2018 and subsequently choosing Dublin as it European Hub. They outline the firm’s business model, including its RTD model, areas of growth and future plans including the imminent launch of its fund administration academy. London-based financial services consultancy firm, Albany Beck, successfully expanded its business operations into Ireland in 2018 and after some rapid growth identified Dublin as the optimum location for our European Hub. Dublin’s position as a gateway to Europe in a post-Brexit world and the abundance of highly qualified and skilled talent made it the obvious choice. Over the last five years, we have created hundreds of new jobs in the country, across a multiplicity of high-demand skill areas, including KYC, AML, fund administration, risk management, and technology. We have recruited, trained, and deployed (RTD) consultants to a broad and diverse range of prestigious global financial institutions in Dublin and regionally, rapidly bolstering team capacity and accelerating work output to empower the upholding of exceptional operational standards. The company is supported by the Irish Government through the IDA Ireland and recently received recognition for their success in the Ireland market and were awarded “Best Early Stage Business Investment” & “Best organisational Transformation” at the “Invest in Ireland” awards.
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Saluting Our Sisters: Introducing Sagal Dualeh

With Black History Month underway, we are taking the opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of our Black and ethnically diverse team. This year's theme is Saluting our Sisters, and we are shining a spotlight on the incredible contributions made by one of our women Pioneers, Sagal Dualeh. Phillip Wood, Managing Partner, caught up with Sagal, currently working as Junior Software Developer at Deutsche Bank, to learn about her journey as a Black woman in the tech space and how she is helping actively promote Black History Month at Deutsche Bank.
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Saluting Our Sisters: Introducing Nosente Goll

This Black History Month, we’re celebrating the achievements of all our Black and ethnically diverse team members. This year’s theme is Saluting our Sisters and we wanted to highlight the amazing contribution of one of our Pioneers in particular.

Quantum Computing: Unleashing the Infinite Potential for a Quantum Revolution

In a world driven by technological advancements, quantum computing emerges as the catalyst for a monumental paradigm shift. Grounded in the principles of quantum mechanics, this awe-inspiring field has the power to reshape our understanding of computation, unlocking infinite possibilities.

Demystifying Blockchain: Understanding, Applications, and the Promising Future

In today's data-driven world, blockchain technology has emerged as a disruptive force with the potential to revolutionize numerous industries beyond its origins in cryptocurrencies. With its decentralized and immutable nature, blockchain offers secure, transparent, and efficient solutions to some of the most pressing challenges faced by businesses and individuals. In this comprehensive blog, we delve deep into the intricate workings of blockchain, exploring its foundational principles, real-world applications, challenges, and the promising future it holds. Understanding the Foundations of Blockchain At the core of blockchain lies its decentralized and distributed ledger system. Blockchain networks operate on a consensus mechanism rather than relying on a central authority, wherein participants validate and agree on transactions. Cryptographic hashing ensures the integrity and security of data. The pioneering work of Satoshi Nakamoto in the Bitcoin whitepaper introduced this concept, setting the stage for a technological revolution. According to a report by Markets and Markets, the global blockchain market size is projected to reach $39.7 billion by 2025, with a CAGR of 67.3% during 2020-2025. This exponential growth highlights the increasing significance of blockchain technology in modern business landscapes.
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Elevating Your Business Strategy: 6 Benefits of Hiring a Consultancy Firm

In today's dynamic and competitive business environment, organizations face an array of complex challenges that require strategic expertise and insightful solutions. As businesses strive to achieve growth and maintain a competitive edge, partnering with a reputable consultancy firm becomes instrumental in unlocking their full potential. Unparalleled Expertise and Industry Knowledge: Consultancy firms are renowned for their wealth of expertise and deep understanding of various industries. Their consultants possess a comprehensive knowledge base, cultivated through years of hands-on experience working with diverse organizations. This extensive domain expertise empowers them to provide invaluable advice, strategic guidance, and innovative solutions tailored to your specific industry challenges. By leveraging their deep insights, consultancy firms can help businesses navigate complex market dynamics, identify emerging opportunities, and mitigate risks effectively. Objective and Independent Perspective: One of the key advantages is gaining an objective and independent viewpoint on your business. These firms offer an unbiased assessment of your operations, objectively identifying areas for improvement and potential roadblocks. By critically evaluating your processes, structures, and strategies, consultants can offer fresh insights and challenge existing paradigms. This objectivity facilitates transformative change, spurring innovation, and driving your business forward. Specialized Skillsets and Knowledge: Consultants possess a wide range of expertise across multiple disciplines, from finance and operations to technology and human resources. This allows them to tackle complex projects and address specific challenges with precision. By tapping into their extensive network of professionals, consultancy firms provide access to niche expertise and cutting-edge methodologies that may be lacking within your organization. This collaboration ensures that you have the right skills and tools to navigate intricate business landscapes successfully. Strategic Problem Solving and Planning: By deeply understanding your organization's goals, challenges, and competitive landscape, consultants can design comprehensive strategies to drive growth and overcome obstacles. Their analytical prowess and robust methodologies enable them to identify the root causes of challenges, devise innovative solutions, and implement action plans effectively. These strategic interventions align your organization with long-term objectives and position you for sustainable success. Enhanced Efficiency and Cost Optimization: Engaging a specialised firm can lead to significant cost and time efficiencies. By leveraging their expertise, consultants streamline processes, optimize resource allocation, and identify areas for cost reduction. Their deep understanding of best practices and industry benchmarks allows them to identify inefficiencies and implement leaner operational models. Through these efficiency gains, businesses can maximize productivity, reduce waste, and enhance their bottom line. Furthermore, partnering with a consultancy firm eliminates the time-consuming process of hiring and training new employees, enabling businesses to access immediate expertise and support. Change Management and Organizational Transformation: Organizational change and transformation can be complex and challenging endeavours. Consultancy firms specialize in managing change, providing expert guidance throughout the process. By employing proven change management frameworks, consultants facilitate smooth transitions, mitigate resistance, and foster a culture of continuous improvement. Their experience in leading organizations through transformational journeys ensures that your business adapts to evolving market dynamics and embraces innovation effectively. The benefits of hiring a consultancy extend far beyond their expertise and industry knowledge. Their objective perspective, specialized skillsets, strategic problem-solving capabilities, efficiency gains, and change management expertise all contribute to driving the success of businesses across various industries. By leveraging the comprehensive services provided by consultancy firms, organizations can navigate complexities, uncover growth opportunities, and achieve sustainable success in an ever-changing business landscape. Embrace the power of consultancy and unlock your business's full potential.