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Academies for Consultants

All our training programmes are led by industry experts who share our passion to be best-in-class. We specialise in linking the different verticals to provide a seamless service for clients, whatever their needs. 


Training Academy network  

Benefitting from programmes and courses through our various academies, you will be fully trained and ready to hit the ground running as soon as you begin a client assignment in a leading Financial Institution. You will be employed by us, even while on assignment, until you choose to join a client full-time.  



"From 2021, 97% of our Pioneers have been employed full-time by our clients after 18 months."


98% retention rate from our Pioneer Programme since 2021 

Pioneer Training Academies

Albany Beck connects businesses with the market’s most sought-after graduates, school leavers and career changers. Talent that’s in particularly short supply right now. 

We identify, hire, train and continue to develop emerging talent, like yourself. You will act as part of the client’s workforce until you and the client feel you’re ready to transition to a full-time role in their business. Then, if you would like to join them, you’re free to do so, 

Our standard training programme for Pioneers includes the following: 


Our highly reputed AML & KYC Academy

The AML & KYC Academy ensure all our consultants have the required skills to conduct KYC reviews to the regulatory standard, as well as meeting internal Anti-Money Laundering policies and procedures. 

Based on our practical experience and client feedback, Albany Beck’s AML & KYC academy focus on: 

  • Lifecycle of client management – Building effective relationships 
  • KYC data points – time management 
  • Practical Application – Yielding productivity 
  • Client regulatory requirements – Stakeholder management 
  • Bespoke additions – Personal branding 
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Our Training Workflow

For Albany Beck consultants, the training never stops. Each step of the process is supervised by one of our expert Engagement Managers and is conducted by expert internal trainers and business coaches.  


- No gender pay gap with equal opportunities for all 
- Consultants hired outside top 20 UK universities 

Academy Training

- Ever-evolving tried-and-tested training programmes 
- Foundation in digital and technology skills


- Low-cost, high-value model 
- Support can be quickly scaled up or down

Engagement & Ongoing Training

- Continuous Engagement Manager input 
- Support aligned to client business needs

Full-time employment with the client you’re working for 

- If you like working for your client, you can join them full-time 


One company, many backgrounds

Our vision is to develop the workforce of the future by hiring as diverse a team of consultants as possible. Currently, less than 15% of the tech workforce in the UK is from Black Ethnic Minority backgrounds and only 19% of the work force identifies as female.

We’re committed to changing the face of the Banking and Finance sector by promoting diversity of thought, diversity of experience and diversity of background. We believe diversity is a vital ingredient in achieving innovation.


are from ethnic backgrounds


of our consultants are female


did not attend university
Yasmin Jones Sheahan

What our Pioneers say

For me the highlights of this training academy would definitely be the way the theoretical knowledge about the KYC Process was combined with putting the same into practice. Also the last two days of the academy which helped me get an overview of my personality and how to present myself in the best possible way. Last but not the least, I feel very proud to say that I’m working at JP Morgan (on-site) as a KYC consultant. Everything taught to us makes sense now that Im putting it into practice in the real world. 

- Nischhal Prasad

The Academy has equipped me with both theoretical and practical knowledge of KYC and AML through different reading materials and case studies. It has also enabled me to put my research and analytical skills to use, realising that previous knowledge of finance is not necessarily a prerequisite for this job. The programme, apart from being an excellent introduction to the AML/KYC sector, has also put emphasis on the development of soft skills which are vital in the modern business world. 

- Dalia Fleitlikh