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 Claudia Sanchez-Ruiz

How did you find out about Albany Beck?

I was contacted directly by Albany Beck. They told me about their Pioneer programme and invited me to a face-to-face interview. The selection process was smooth and the people I talked to were very nice, so I was happy when they told me they wanted me to be part of the programme.

Why did you choose Albany Beck over other consultancies?

This has been my first time working for a consultancy. I didn’t consider any other agencies because I was happy working for Albany Beck and their clients. The communication was good and I never felt overlooked. 

How has Albany Beck helped you in your career?

During my time at Albany Beck I have obtained valuable knowledge and experience within the AML world. They gave me the opportunity to work for and learn from different clients. Thanks to Albany Beck, I am now working full-time for one of these clients. 

What is your current position?

I am an AML investigator.

What did you enjoy the most about working for Albany Beck?

The people, the social events and the wellness projects. I also appreciated how approachable, flexible and understanding everyone was.