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Gabor Krasznai

How did you find out about Albany Beck? 

To be honest, Jordan found me, I believe through LinkedIn. He got in touch, introduced Albany Beck and the rest is history. 

Why did you choose Albany Beck over other consultancies? 

The timing was perfect. I had just started to look for a new position, so the approach was well received. After that, it was the positive attitude of everybody I talked to within the company.  From the first chat, I felt that the team really cared about me. 

How has Albany Beck helped you in your career? 

They placed me in the right team with the right company at the right time. Because of Albany Beck, I was able to make the next important step in my career.   

What is your current position?

AVP with JPMorgan.

What did you enjoy the most about working for Albany Beck? 

Everything. Seriously, the way they look after people is just next level. I hope other agencies will get to this level soon. I was always looking forward to my chats with Aoife. All my questions were answered within hours, all support provided, and all HR-related parts looked after. The knowledge that you have Albany Beck in your corner is energising and allows you to concentrate fully on the job.