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Youcheng Pang

How did you find out about Albany Beck?  

Albany Beck is growing rapidly and I just heard about them through the grapevine. They provide lots of opportunities and a fantastic working environment with a great work-life balance

Why did you choose Albany Beck over other consultancies?  

Albany Beck cares. They respect all levels of employees and they provided a lot of opportunities for me to develop my career. Also, there is always a great line of communication between the company and the employee. 

How has Albany Beck helped you in your career?  

Albany Beck provided me with educational and study assistance to help me develop more in my career. They also provided different opportunities for me to gain a range of experience across the financial industry. 

What is your current position? 

Senior AML Specialist.   

What did you enjoy the most about working for Albany Beck? 

The management teams and the people that I'm working with are very friendly. They really care about your thoughts, feelings and environment. Also, your hard work is always recognised and rewarded.