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Our ESG Academy

Accurate and timely environmental, social and governance (ESG) disclosures are becoming increasingly critical to financial services companies. That’s why we equip our consultants with expert knowledge to ensure your firm can meet the ESG demands of regulators, investors and clients.

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As the regulatory pressure rises, the ability to access vital ESG data, establish precise benchmarks and carry out analysis is becoming a commercial necessity. The skills to complete these tasks are highly sought after but they’re also increasingly hard to come by. 

At Albany Beck, we support you to overcome this challenge by connecting you with graduates, school leavers and career changers who are capable of delivering the ESG certainty your business needs. Our team finds and provides you with the right people with the right level of experience, which follows our practitioner model.

We identify, hire, train and develop people who will become proactive and positive members of your team until they’re ready to switch to a full-time role with you. Part of their training takes place in our ESG Academy, where they will gain a rock-solid foundation in how to drive your ESG compliance.

Our ESG Academy

Our aim is to help your business ensure it is both ESG-compliant and living up to its sustainability commitments. The ESG Academy is designed to provide you with consultants you can rely on to achieve this.

Running alongside our KYC Academy, Data & Tech, and Fund Academy, and delivered by our sector-leading experts, the course develops comprehensive ESG know-how as well as the ability to apply it, in several ways. 

Understanding Regulations

We build our consultants’ knowledge of key regulations and policies such as the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) and the EU Sustainable Finance Action Plan.

Data Publication Process 

Consultants are trained in the latest data research methodologies so they can collate and publish pertinent insights that show compliance and inform better decision-making.

Practical Application

We explore ESG theory in detail but, crucially, we also train our consultants how to apply it in practice so they can hit the ground running when they join your team.

Client Regulatory Requirements

Consultants learn the obligations financial institutions have in terms of ESG and how to ensure your firm is fully compliant with them.

Bespoke Additions

Our course is designed to be as relevant to your business as possible and we’ll build your firm’s specific challenges and objectives into our training content.  

Training Led By Industry Experts

All our training programmes are led by industry experts who share our passion to be best in class. 

We specialise in tailoring our training to meet your specific needs, so that we provide you with a seamless service and talent that will make a positive difference.

Truly diverse and inclusive approach

We aim to develop the workforce of the future by hiring as diverse a team of consultants as possible. Currently, less than 15% of the tech workforce in the UK is from an ethnic minority background and only 19% of the work force identifies as female. 

We’re committed to changing the face of the banking and finance sector by promoting diversity of thought, diversity of experience and diversity of background. We believe diversity is a vital ingredient in successful innovation.


 of our consultants are from minority ethnic backgrounds


of our consultants are female

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