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Fund Administration Academy

Our Fund Administration and Corporate Services Academy equips consultants with the high-level skills they need to manage funds for our clients. 

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The Fund Administration and Corporate Services Academy (FACSA) from Albany Beck is an intensive, industry-focused, 4-week course which equips consultants with the high-level skills they need to manage funds on behalf of clients. 

Fund Administrators play a pivotal role in safeguarding investor assets, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, and maintaining transparency throughout the investment lifecycle. 

With tasks ranging from managing daily transactions and maintaining investor records to conducting risk assessments and preparing financial reports, having a team that fully understands how a fund administrator works is imperative for any financial services company that strives to achieve the highest standards of efficiency, integrity, and compliance.

Our Fund Administration Academy

The FACSA academy trains consultants in the skills required to deliver Fund Administration and Corporate Services to the very highest standard within your organisation. 

This practical, hands-on training course covers the entire discipline of Fund Administration and Corporate Services, including key, end-to-end processes and bespoke training on more complex structures and exotic funds. 

FACSA gives consultants the skills and confidence to hit the ground running, creating value and operational efficiency within your organisation, and freeing your time up to concentrate on servicing your clients and growing your business. 

Graduates of the Fund Administration Academy are taught by seasoned industry professionals, benefiting from their extensive skills and knowledge, and gaining a deep understanding of the practical tasks that are performed across Fund Administration departments on a daily basis.

Modular learning

The course covers a comprehensive range of learning modules, including the key duties involved in Fund Administration, and the various elements of Fund Services Teams such as Fund Accounting, Transfer Agency, Custody, and Trustee – Depositary. 

The Academy draws heavily on real-world industry examples, and learners benefit from the extensive industry knowledge of our highly experienced course leaders.

Bespoke content

Our custom-made, modular course has been designed with complete flexibility in mind. It can be tailored to accommodate content that’s specific to your firm, to ensure you derive the highest possible value from your consultants. 

Client, asset, and product-specific nuances can all be covered within the syllabus, and integrated into the core subject areas. 

Practical training

Practical application is critical to the course, and instrumental to the success of our Pioneers. 

Using industry-leading technology, our students will work through multiple, real-world case file scenarios to ensure they are familiar with a wide range of circumstances and are equipped with the skills and experience they need to react appropriately. 

This approach ensures that our consultants are able to quickly make an impact on your team.

Continuous support 

When our FAS Pioneers join your team, we’ll be on hand to provide continuous coaching, development and support, to ensure your attention isn’t taken away from the day job whilst they onboard with you. 

What our team have to say

"From my experience working with multinational financial institutions in different jurisdictions both on- and off-shore, I understand the importance of industry knowledge coupled with operational knowhow. However, in today’s challenging environment it is equally important to understand how operations fit with regulation, ensuring that you approach your operations in a manner that is risk aware and risk adverse."

- Alphonsus Fivey, Trainer at Albany Beck

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