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Ramadan Connect

Albany Beck Ramadan Network

Join our first-ever Ramadan network to connect with AB colleagues who are observing or celebrating this special month.

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Why Join The Network?

Ramadan is a month built around community. At AB, we value the lessons Ramadan brings each year, such as connecting with others, friendship, and showing kindness and compassion.

Many of our consultants fasting, are living away from home, and we decided in the spirit of Ramadan to bring everyone together. This includes people of all faiths and non-faith. Ramadan although observed by Muslims, is a month that includes everyone and anyone can participate, so please feel free to join.

During the call we will discuss many ways in which we can connect, such as organising Iftars (the meal where you break your fast) or volunteering and doing charity work together, so please bring your ideas 😊

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Network Hosted By

Tasneem Aliewi Partner

Growing up in a Muslim community, I was always surrounded by family and friends during Ramadan, and some of my fondest memories were of sharing iftar meals together. Moving away from home, I realised how tough Ramadan can be away from your own community, therefore I'm deeply passionate about bringing people together during this beautiful month. I'm fortunate to be in a position where I can support our Muslim colleagues during this time and create a space where people from all faiths and backgrounds can connect.