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Technology & Data

For Albany Beck consultants, the training never stops. Each step of the process is supervised by one of our expert Engagement Managers and is conducted by experienced internal trainers and business coaches. 

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About the Technology & Data training academy

Albany Beck connects you with the market’s most sought-after graduates, school leavers and career changers. Talent that’s in particularly short supply right now.

​We identify, hire, train and continue to develop emerging talent. They will act as part of your workforce until you feel they’re ready to switch to a full-time role with you. 

Our Technology & Data programme provides a 10-week technical training academy course covering software engineering and development skills in an Agile Methodology. The kind of skills our consultants learn include:

  • SQL & Object oriented programming (OOP)
  • Functional Programming & Multithreading
  • SOLID Principles & Unit Testing
  • Java Web Technologies
  • Spring Framework & Spring Boot
    Design Patterns
  • Data JPA & Security
  • Spring Cloud
  • RESTful API’s
  • Microservices
  • Data Structures
  • NumPy Arrays & Pandas

All part of our game-changing model

We’ve created new ways to solve old problems with a revolutionary consultancy model that is helping our clients beat the skills shortage.


Find the talent you need with none of the usual complications with fully-trained consultants who can hit the ground running with a cost effective, tried and tested solution.
Support in operations, tech, finance, strategy or digital areas
After 18 months, employ the consultant you like free of charge
Support available
at two different levels

Truly diverse and inclusive approach

Our vision is to develop the workforce of the future by hiring as diverse a team of consultants as possible. Currently, less than 15% of the tech workforce in the UK is from Black Ethnic Minority backgrounds and only 19% of the work force identifies as female.

We’re committed to changing the face of the Banking and Finance sector by promoting diversity of thought, diversity of experience and diversity of background. We believe diversity is a vital ingredient in achieving innovation.


of our consultants are from ethnic backgrounds


of our consultants are female

What our clients say

“Albany Beck stood out from the field in their ability to swiftly understand our Business and propose engineering resourcing models that were tailored to our needs. We were vetting candidates within days and able to achieve a high percentage adoption rate following rigorous testing. The niche value proposition to us was the ability to retain high performing individuals, at various levels, after an agreed period - therefore preventing the loss of IP and investment that is typical with external engagements.”

Programme Manager, Top Tier Investment Bank

Our Clients