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Managing millennials (and Gen Z)

Author: Albany Beck
Posted in: Latest News
Read Time: 1 Min Read

This week, InterQuest Group Chairman, Gary Ashworth shares his views on Managing millennials (and Gen Z) on BBC Radio 4: The Bottom Line.

Do younger workers truly desire unlimited holiday, stubbornly resist giving up remote working, and persistently seek their next job, as the stereotype suggests? Millennials and Generation Z, who are typically younger in age, do exhibit different work attitudes compared to their older counterparts. However, what exactly are these attitudes, and how are they reshaping the dynamics of workplaces?

Is it primarily about leaving early on Fridays, aligning with a company’s strong ethical values, or pursuing the fastest path to success? Furthermore, to what extent have the pandemic and remote working transformed the relationship between employers and employees, especially for those who are new to the workforce?

Considering that these younger employees constitute an increasingly significant portion of the workforce in UK companies, Evan Davis and his guests explore the optimal approaches for effectively managing and maximizing their potential.

To listen to the episode, including insight from Gary, visit BBC Radio 4: The Bottom Line