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Saluting Our Sisters: Introducing Nosente Goll

Author: Albany Beck
Posted in: Insights , Diversity & Inclusion
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This Black History Month, we’re celebrating the achievements of all our Black and ethnically diverse team members. This year’s theme is Saluting our Sisters and we wanted to highlight the amazing contribution of one of our Pioneers in particular. 

Liam Montgomery, Engagement Manager, recently caught up with Nosente Goll, Consultant at Albany Beck, currently working on site as a PMO Analyst at the London Stock Exchange, to find out about her experiences and career highlights.

The conversation gives real insight into life at Albany Beck, as well as to hear Nosente’s amazing achievements and perspective on being in the corporate world as a young Black woman. 


What is your role at Albany Beck? 

I'm currently on site at the London Stock Exchange, working in the post trade division as a PMO Analyst Consultant. I’m working with the digital product group portfolio, which is a lot of fun as I love spreadsheets! It's very rewarding, they're fun people to work for, and they're very inclusive as well.

It’s great to hear that LSE is an inclusive place to work. What does that inclusivity look like? 

They actually have a committee to represent every ethnically diverse employee, so that everyone feels represented. At the moment, they’re running events for Black History Month. This week, they ran a seminar on being Black in the workplace through the lens of neurodiversity and mental health. It was incredibly interesting. 

They take the time to listen to people and their lived experience, rather than reducing them to statistic and numbers. We’re able to say, ‘this is what it's like, these are our concerns.’ It’s really encouraging.

At Albany Beck, we always strive to understand and address any challenges you might face, to make sure you feel supported. What’s been your experience of this? 

Albany Beck is very inclusive and deliberately so. You can see that they make an active effort to engage with, and recruit, people with different ethnicities and from different backgrounds. Here, you’re seen as a unique human being, and not just a number. Our differences are celebrated and we have the space to be authentically ourselves. Albany Beck makes a point of celebrating Eid, Ramadan, Pride Month, Black History Month, and you can see how it is embedded in the pioneers that they choose and in the diversity of the team. There aren’t many places that do that, and I love that Albany Beck makes an active decision to do it.

What were your experiences of being onboarded at LSE? 

Really great. Ed, my line manager at London Stock Exchange is a very good example of an ally - someone who allows you to be completely yourself. He's very encouraging and ensures that I take all the opportunities presented to me. I don’t really have impostor syndrome, but sometimes as a Black woman, I think you do need that extra push. You need someone in your corner saying, ‘yes, you should go for it.’ 

Discrimination doesn't necessarily disappear when you are in a position like this. But knowing you have an ally in your corner makes a world of a difference. I've been so blessed to have two allies, Albany Beck and Ed.

It’s clear that you’ve made a huge impact at LSE. It’s our job to help you gain the confidence to say, ‘I can do it, I am good enough.’  

Thank you! That supportive, encouraging attitude is what’s really helping Albany Beck to grow when it comes to their diversity and inclusion, and I think the effort you put into that is commendable. 

LSE can be a tough workplace, but you bring such positivity. You walk into a room and it brightens up! What other attributes do you think you bring to LSE and Albany Beck?  

I do try to make it fun, as it’s often really hard work. I have the drive, I put the work in and I get results, which I think everyone appreciates. But sometimes life is about more than that. We’re at work for such a huge proportion of our lives, so we might as well have a little bit of fun too! 

Obviously, I'm relatively new to this industry, and I had a perception of how it was going to be. But Albany Beck has shown me that this industry is a fun and enjoyable place to work and grow in. 

I think you have great influencing skills as well, would you agree? 

Who do I influence? I’d love to know! If anything, I’m almost like a sponge who gets influenced by a lot of other people. Having Albany Beck on side, and having Ed as my line manager, has really helped to ease the transition between full-time education and work. You’ve helped me learn how to manage day-to-day working life, find what I enjoy and embrace all the positives of that. It’s been incredible, and you’ve made that so smooth.

What’s been your biggest achievement in work so far? 

I'm in the process of internalising with the London Stock Exchange, which is amazing. Although I’ll always be Albany Beck at heart, I’m so proud that they’re taking me on. Looking back, what I’ve been able to achieve in the last year and a half is incredible.


At Albany Beck, we identify talented individuals like Nosente, provide them with opportunities and support them on their career journey. We’re passionate about empowering our consultants to break down barriers and forge their own, successful paths.

Diverse teams drive innovation, and we’re honoured to have such brilliant pioneers and employees that help us do this, it’s people like Nosente that make Albany Beck such a brilliant place to work. We love knowing that our clients, like LSE, will benefit not only from the talent of our diverse pioneers but their personalities as well, contributing to their organisations in more ways than one. 

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you to build a more diverse talent pipeline or create a more inclusive organisation.