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Meet Faiza Qazi: Shaping our highly-skilled consultants as a recently promoted Technical Trainer

Author: Albany Beck
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Meet Faiza Qazi, a rising star in our training team! Faiza recently earned a well-deserved promotion from Assistant Trainer to Technical Trainer at Albany Beck, after a fantastic year of delivery to our cohorts. 

In this interview, we shine a spotlight on Faiza’s achievements as she shares her journey and what excites her about this new role.


Can you give us a bit of background about who you are and what your role is at Albany Beck?

I'm Faiza Qazi, a Technical Trainer at Albany Beck. I'm certified in SnowPro Core, GCP-ACE, and Azure Cloud. I also have a few years of experience in the data field, and I use my experience to help Pioneers learn how things work in the industry. I've been working with Albany Beck for slightly over a year. I was previously working with IQUAD, which was part of Interquest Group. When I expressed my interest in working with Albany Beck as a Technical Trainer, my IQUAD team then helped me get into the interview process. Every day, I aim to extend my knowledge not only in data but also in software engineering.

You’ve recently been promoted, congratulations! What was your previous role and what have you been promoted to?

Before my promotion, I was an Assistant Trainer. I was working closely with the Head of Academy learning how things work at Albany Beck, and understanding what the expectations are. I started off delivering Python, and then SQL, along with Excel and Power BI. I also mentored consultants working on-site. I have now been promoted to the Technical Trainer role.

What does your new role entail, and who do you work with?

My role involves designing and delivering technical training, mentoring, and code reviews. So a typical day starts with checking in with Pioneers for a ‘stand up and follow’ agile workflow meeting. We talk about what they accomplished yesterday, what they will do today, and any roadblocks they have encountered. After that, we dive into lectures, which cover specific topics for the day. In the afternoon, they work through exercise guides that are designed to apply what they learned during the lecture.

What do you enjoy most about your new role and working at Albany Beck?

The thing I enjoy most about my role is teaching, and working at Albany Beck has allowed me to reach my potential to the fullest. As I was switching fields from engineering to teaching, the support from my team has really helped me on my journey. My role motivates me to learn new things, improve my skills, and share my knowledge with people.

If you could give one piece of advice to your current cohort, what would it be?

Just focus on learning one thing at a time and progress incrementally. Attend coding events and meet-ups and always be open to learning new things. The sky is not the limit.  


Faiza's passion for learning is clear, and at Albany Beck, we share her commitment to continuous development. This ensures our consultants have the skills needed to strengthen your teams and make a real difference to your business.

If you’re looking for consultants who have been taught by amazing trainers like Faiza, to meet the specific challenges that your business is facing, get in touch with the team today.