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Prospering Continuous Collaboration with a Major European Financial Institution

Key achievements

  • ​Six Pioneer consultants on-boarded initially
  • Mentored by two senior Practitioners
  • Now supporting six different areas across the institution
  • 15+ consultants deployed since the initial engagement


The client has been using several contractors to work with Capital Markets to help build an API to process data and display this information in a GUI. But contractors can be expensive and due to short notice periods and lack of affiliation can often leave with little or no notice. This means IP leaves the business exposing knowledge gaps and delaying important milestones and deliveries.

Albany Beck was selected as a more effective (and cost-effective) alternative.


We partnered with Capital Markets to identify and overcome resourcing challenges. At an interviewing session, suitable Pioneers were selected along with highly experienced Practitioner mentors to provide support and ensure no extra strain was placed on the client’s own management team. 

The incoming consultants were originally aligned to a Data Engineering training programme but were redirected to focus more on Java and Apache Kafka, and we were able to accommodate this late change of plan without breaking stride. All training was completed prior to onboarding and an ongoing upskilling plan put in place. 

Albany Beck was also able to support Diversity and Inclusion with 33% of selected consultants identifying as female and over 60% from ethnic minority backgrounds.


Albany Beck delivered on the client's brief by providing two Senior Practitioners to mentor six Pioneers.

Having exceeded pre-defined deliverables across two projects, the client has reduced their reliance on expensive contract resources. Instead, Albany Beck are now engaged with the client in over six different business areas.