Iris Scanning Tech Adopted by TSB

Customers of TSB will be able to log into their bank account by simply glancing at their phone from September.

Although there are two requirements - customers will need the latest Samsung Galaxy S8 and to download TSB’s mobile app to use this new way of accessing their accounts. Once a customer’s iris has been registered they will be able to simply look at their phone to log in.

TSB will become the first bank in Europe to introduce this technology and could help boost consumer confidence within biometric banking.

Whenever a new technology is brought to market there are certain barriers that need to be considered. In terms of iris scanning, there is a possibility of hackers being able to fool the scanner with a fake eyeball. In May, Samsung’s iris scanner was successfully fooled by German hacking group Chaos Computer Club who said they used a photo to create a dummy eye. Samsung’s response to this was it would take an “extraordinary set of circumstances” to beat its system.

However, TSB's Carlos Abarca said he was confident in the security of iris scanning: "There's no security option that is absolutely perfect. We're relying not only on the biometrics but the digital certificate on the phone. To fake your eyeball is potentially possible - but it is extremely difficult."

Will TSB’s introduction to iris scanning shift consumer demand in biometric technology in banking?

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James Constable
James Constable

Managing Director, Financial Services