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Here, you’ll find an interesting assortment of news stories and opinion pieces from Albany Beck. The industry is evolving faster than ever right now and we can help you keep up with all the latest issues, challenges and opportunities, as well as giving you an insight into exciting future developments.

Seamless IT Migrations That Build More Effective Banks

IT migrations are a fact of life for financial services organisations like yours if you want to stay ahead of the competition. But they’re rarely straightforward and come with plenty of pitfalls.

An Interview with Derek Collins – Irish Banking Leader and Albany Beck Board Member

Derek Collins is a huge name in the Irish Financial Services industry. Having worked across Bank of Ireland’s retail and corporate operations, he went on to lead its Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) team in his long and successful career with them. Now he’s putting that experience to good use as a non-executive director at Albany Beck.

How to Manage Difficult People

Originally posted on Business Leader, written by InterQuest Group Chairman, Gary Ashworth.
Diversity & Inclusion

How to be inclusive during Ramadan

We spend so much of our lives at work, so naturally, we end up knowing so much about our colleagues. I am no exception, and for 11 out of 12 months, I’m known for many things including my work, my client relationship management style, my feminism, my favourite books, restaurants and places to visit.

How to grow and retain your data scientist pool

The IDC’s “Data Age 2025” whitepaper predicts the global volume of data generated will increase tenfold by 2025, with 60% of data produced and managed by organisations. It therefore comes as no surprise that according to IBM, by the end of 2020, the demand for data scientists is said to increase by 39%. After all, these organisations need to employ those who have the knowledge and skills to analyse the stories this data tells, spot trends and advise firms on how to proceed. But what is the best strategy for businesses to employ in order to attract and retain the best data scientists around?

Commercialisation: Risks and challenges

The squeeze on government funding has forced councils to explore new and innovative ways to maximise revenue within their districts, in order to protect the instrumental public services provided to its local communities. As a result, local authorities are shifting their strategy to a more commercial approach, utilising assets more efficiently and selling services in order to generate monies. However, commercialisation is often a complex process, with authorities required to weave through a number of challenges and risks.

The Risks of Using IOT in Your Enterprise

There is no doubt that the Internet of Things (IoT) can be of huge importance to enterprises, in order to increase productivity and efficiencies across a business.

Trust, Technology and Banking

The relationship between technology and banking is rapidly expanding. The number of mobile banking users is forecast to double in 4 years to 1.8 billion users, which equates to over a quarter of the earth’s population.
Diversity & Inclusion

Let’s talk Diversity & Inclusion With Alyssa Ordu, Jack Williams and Lina Ashour

In this episode, we’re joined by Jack Williams, Inclusion & Diversity Advisor at BCLP, alongside Alyssa Ordu, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant at Hustle Crew and Lina Ashour, Corporate Communications & Public Affairs Manager at SAGE Publishing.