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Meeting the urgent staffing needs of an IT team with diverse talent

Key achievements

  • ​Diverse workforce achieved
  • 100% retention rate
  • Bespoke training programme 
  • Client coaching important part of the process


Our client was responsible for migrating applications to the Cloud, but was falling behind due to understaffing. The company needed two new junior product owners, four developers and three business analysts. Budget restrictions were blocking them from using their Graduate Scheme, their normal recruitment channel.

With no black staff members and only 25% women, the client saw this as the perfect opportunity to increase the diversity of their team. They decided to partner with Albany Beck due to our strong reputation for success under pressure, diversity and ongoing mentoring.



Within two weeks, our Talent Acquisition team had assembled an initial list of potential candidates from our Pioneer Programme and our lead Trainer had agreed the coaching content for an intensive training Bootcamp. We then arranged a selection day where we whittled down the candidates to a suitable shortlist.  

Before final selection, our Head of the Pioneer Academy ran two workshops to ensure the client understood how to interview in a non-bias fashion and how a Train Deploy Retain (TDR) model works. Our client then interviewed the shortlist and worked with us to select candidates for Bootcamp.  



Nine Pioneers were selected to join the Bootcamp with 66% identifying as female and 50% as black. All were then integrated into the client team with the help of a dedicated Engagement Manager from Albany Beck.  

According to our client, the Pioneers have all hit the ground running and brought new energy and enthusiasm to the team. Deployment has been so successful that the hiring manager has recommended Albany Beck to other teams in the group.