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Supporting development of an anti-financial crime AI detection platform

Key achievements

  • ​Team of consultants organised within three weeks
  • Bespoke training programme
  • Engagement Manager ensured ongoing progress
  • More projects now in the pipeline



This Investment Bank had invested in an anti-financial crime AI detection platform and required a pioneering consulting service to ensure successful delivery of a suite of new workflow tools across the framework.​ With other complex needs involved, the client was finding it impossible to obtain a resourcing solution from just one source.​

Given the significant investment already put into the framework, the client also wanted to engage with a business that had a comprehensive governance and quality assurance framework in place to ensure successful delivery.



Albany Beck put a proposal together that covered all urgent needs and also a long-term training plan. The proposal involved a mix of consultants at both senior and junior levels including front and back-end engineers, analysts and UX designers. 

While the junior consultants came with technical skillsets, they would be further upskilled by Albany Beck during 18 months spent within the client team. At that point, all consultants would be free to join the client’s team full-time if a job was offered.



It took just three weeks for Albany Beck to put a team of consultants together to answer the client’s call. After deployment, an Engagement Manager ensured that the consultants were performing as expected and enjoying their work.

Bespoke training programmes were designed in partnership with the client for positions with niche skills, such as Angular Front-End engineers.​ After this project, the client is keen to use Albany Beck’s services again in the future.